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Letter of Hope

Thank you.

Thank you for being deadly!

Thank you standing there in solidarity.

Thank you for sharing your stories of pain and hurt and injustice.

Thank you for speaking openly about those things we learn not to speak of in the wider community.

Thank you for standing beside my mob and demanding a change.

Thank you for not accepting the way things are and demanding a new way of living together.

Thank you everyone who took a stand – Black, White, and all people of colour

Thank you for giving me hope for a better future for my mob! I saw us all together standing as one people and I knew times are changing and we are powerful TOGETHER!

Caitlin 1
Caitlin with her family and friends at the BLM Rally Perth

Dear the old man who called me and my little sister and my friend “ugly c*nts!” while we waited quietly for another friend to join us,

You did not bring us down and you did not upset us. You made us all the more determined to march in the rally and stand proud.

Dear the angry couple on the train who scared me and my little sister so badly we got off before our stop,

You did not bring us down and you did not ruin our day, we went home knowing that you are the minority and I genuinely feel sorry for you.

Marching together through the city streets

If you had joined us at the rally you would’ve learned that we want UNITY not division. There was no talk of black lives being better than white lives or black lives being the only lives that matter. What we want is for all lives to matter (Black, White, and all people of colour), but all lives can’t matter until black lives matter too!!


Caitlin is a Banjima woman and a member of Amnesty WA Indigenous Rights Group.

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