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Building Communities, Relationships and Skillsets

Amnesty WA’s biannual Skillshare is about to land at the beautiful green space, Earthwise Community in Subiaco.


(Photo: Volunteers Marsha and Ashley and Victoria Park residents Mark and Amberley attended the volunteer workshop last year.)

One of the organisers, Amnesty International WA Training Team, Brendan, said he was enthusiastic about the Skillshare.

“There’s a community of people who think and feel the same way I do about these issues – so that’s what I’m excited about for the upcoming Skillshare,” he said.

Brendan got involved with Amnesty back in university after realising it was time to do something.

“I knew enough about the state of the world that I wanted to get involved [with Amnesty],” he said.

Along with some other university students, Brendan set forth creating Curtin University’s diligent Amnesty team.

“We knew that a better world was possible and we knew that we wanted to be a part of the change [in the world].”

Attending the Skillshare is not only a great way to learn from one another and hear each other’s story – but it’s a great way to connect with your fellow activists in a meaningful way, and encourage one another in their good work.

As a grassroots organisation Amnesty International is committed to building power from the community level and free workshops like this are invaluable opportunities to help communities build supportive and powerful networks.

On Sunday 29th April from 9am-5pm, you will experience a full day of workshops, values-jamming and relationship building. Sessions are run by activists working for Indigenous, Refugee, Women’s and LGBTQI+ rights, as well as Amnesty leaders from across the country.

Brendan encourages all attendees to build that community, build that relationship and build that skillset.

“Together we can make that change we want to see,” he said.

Lunch is included and after the Skillshare, we are going to the pub. We can’t wait to see you there!

When: Sunday 29th April , 9am to 5pm

Where: Earthwise Subiaco, 315 Bagot Road, Subiaco

Words by Jacqui O’Leary 

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